Nexus Letters for PTSD and Other Mental Disorders

Mark D Worthen PsyD (Dr. Worthen) provides nexus letters for PTSD and other mental disorder in select cases

Dr. Worthen will provide a nexus opinion only after conducting a comprehensive psychological evaluation either in-person or via video.

Two-Step Process

I indicated above that I can provide nexus letters for PTSD and other mental disorders in select cases

Select cases are PTSD or other Mental Disorder claims for which I believe a nexus opinion will probably support a veterans disability compensation claims. 

How do I know if a nexus opinion will probably support a veteran's disability benefits claim? It's a two-step process

Step #1 - Screening Questions: The veteran or his/her representative answer some basic questions to determine if it's the right time to move on to Step 2.

Step #2 - Record Review: Submit military and medical records to Dr. Worthen for review. This is a professional psychological service for which I charge a flat fee of $195.

Step #1: Screening Questions for Nexus Letters

The questions below use the Google Forms "Quiz" format, which assigns points for certain answers.

But it's not really a quiz. It's simply a way to give you a rough estimate of the value of a Records Review. 


(a) Answer all the required* questions in the Google From below.

(b) Submit your responses (answers).

(c) After you submit your answers, scroll up the page (it might look blank) until you find the button to reveal your score. (When you click the "View Score" button it opens a new page showing you your "score".)

(d) Remember, this is not a test. It simply provides a rough estimate of the value of moving forward with a Record Review.

(e) Consult the Score Guide below, after you have completed and submitted the Screening Questions form. (You will need to come back to after you see your score.)

Note: I am currently waiting for tech support to fix the survey. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Score Guide (Interpretation)

Remember, these are simply rough estimates for the value of moving forward with a Record Review.

Recall that the Record Review costs $195. I don't want you to spend that much money if a Record Review is premature (too early), and it won't really help your claim at this point in time.

The score for the Screening Questions range from 0 to 19. Here is how to interpret the scores, keeping in mind that this is simply an approximation, it is not cast in stone.

Score Interpretation
0–5 Not ready for a Record Review
6–9 Maybe ready for a Record Review
10–12 Probably ready for a Record Review
13–19 Ready for a Record Review

Step #2: Record Review

Please talk with your Veterans Service Officer, VA-accredited Claims Agent, or Veterans Law Attorney and ask for their advice before requesting a Record Review.

If you and your representative believe you are ready for a Record Review by Dr. Worthen:

(a) Upload your records using a secure form;

(b) Pay the $195 Record Review fee.

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