Updated May 3, 2024

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If you are a veteran inquiring about a nexus letter, I try to answer most questions on the Nexus Letters for VA Claims page.

But after reviewing that page if you have questions, contact me via the secure contact form.

Dr. Worthen provides Independent Psychological Exams & Consultation to Attorneys

► Employment Law (ADA, sexual harassment)

► Civil Competencies (guardianship, testamentary capacity)

► Psychological injury (tort actions, insurance)

► Veterans disability claims (specializing in complex cases)

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Mailing Address

Mark D Worthen PsyD
PO BOX 410105
CHARLOTTE NC 28241-0105

Office Address

By appointment only.

Mark D Worthen PsyD
CHARLOTTE NC 28277-4784

Fax Number

Fax Number: nine eight zero - seven two nine - five eight seven zero

  • Why do you spell out the numerals in your fax number? - To cut down on fax spam.

Phone Number Not Listed Because ...

I do not list my office phone number here because I would be inundated with robocalls and text messages pushing the latest scam.

If you contact me with a questions about my professional services, I will give you my phone number. 

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I understand that asking website owners to post articles or information about your company is a common search engine marketing strategy, but I have added only one such article out of 100 or more requests over the past 20 years.

So your odds are so low that I doubt it's worth your time. And I would prefer that you not ask me to link to your website. Thank you.

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  • Nexus Letters for VA Claims

    Dr. Worthen can provide nexus letters for VA claims for PTSD and other mental disorders, especially for appeals cases.

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