Mark D Worthen PsyD

Clinical-Forensic Psychology

Dr. Worthen's Professional Credentials

Education, Training, & Professional Service

* Graduated from the University of Maryland's Psychology Honors Program.

* Member, Phi Beta Kappa (The oldest academic honors society in the United States - established 1776.) 

* Commencement Speaker at his college's graduation ceremony.

* Earned a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree from Baylor University in Texas.

* Completed an APA-accredited internship at a VA Medical Center.

* Clinical Fellow in Psychology at Harvard Medical School

* Served as Co-Chair of the North Carolina Psychological Association's Law & Psychology Committee

* Lead author of the first article ever published in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal describing how to conduct C&P exams for PTSD and other mental disorders.

Work Experience

* Over five years as a full-time VA Compensation and Pension examiner, conducting C&P exams for VA compensation PTSD and other mental disorder claims.

* Court Psychologist for a family court in Alexandria, Virginia

* Forensic Psychologist at a community mental health center in Charlotte, North Carolina

* Clinical Consultant to a Drug Treatment Court in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

* Consultant to defense counsel in private disability insurance cases.

* Consultant to companies in workplace violence threat situations.

* Expert witness in several jurisdictions in central and western North Carolina

* Licensed Healthcare Service Provider Psychologist (HSP-P) in the State of North Carolina (#1835 - verify).

* Licensed Psychologist in the State of Utah (#10951856-2501 - verify).

Dr. Worthen lives in Park City, Utah.

He enjoys spending time with his adult children, contributing to an international men's organization and attending a weekly men's group; playing chess; and listening to hard rock, punk, jazz, and blues music.

* VA Definition of 'Medical' Opinion

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) refers to expert witness opinions as 'medical' opinions, whether or not the expert is a physician, i.e., the professional could be a psychologist, audiologist, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner. To be clear, I am not a physician. I earned a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree in clinical psychology from Baylor University. Some C&P examiners who evaluate veterans for PTSD and other mental disorders are psychiatrists, who are physicians (MD or DO degree), but the vast majority of C&P examiners for VA compensation PTSD and other mental disorder claims are psychologists (PsyD or PhD degree).