Forensic Evaluation Inquiry

If you might want me to conduct a forensic psychological evaluation, please review the information below and then complete the forensic inquiry form.

Forensic Evaluation Important Info

Before you send me your inquiry, please note the following:

* In most instances, I conduct evaluations within the state of Utah only. I mainly work from home, but also have access to office locations in Park City, Salt Lake City, and potentially other cities depending on the circumstances.

* For evaluations with individuals detained or incarcerated in a Utah county jail or Utah state prison, I can either travel to the correctional institution (as long as appropriate safety precautions have been instituted at the jail or prison) or, if preferred by the jail or prison, I can conduct some exams via videoconference. 

VA C&P exams - Independent Psychological Examinations (IPEs) - Veteran disability exams for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental disorders:

In most instances, I must evaluate the veteran in-person within the state of Utah

Please see the following article on my educational website ( for information re: why out-of-state Tele-C&P exams present difficulties for independent (non-VA) psychologists: 

Telemental Disability Exams by Private Practitioners Prohibited

Forensic Evaluation Inquiry Form

Forensic Evaluation Inquiry

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