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Trouble with My Health online sign in for Intermountain Healthcare?

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Fast Solution

If you have already registered for My Health, click on this link (or type the URL into your browser):

That link takes you to the "legacy" My Health website, which should work.

If You Need to Register ...

If you do not have a My Health username and password, you can try to register online.

If that does not work, ask your primary care physician’s office to email you a link to register for My Health.

My Health Online Sign In: The Problem

My Health (also known as My Health+ or My Health Plus) is the online patient portal for Intermountain Healthcare.

Intermountain Healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare organization with hospitals and clinics in Utah, Idaho, and Nevada.

Many Intermountain Healthcare patients have experienced problems trying to sign in to their My Health+ (My Health Plus) account.

I'm using the terms, "My Health+" and "My Health Plus" because Intermountain Healthcare has been actively promoting their "new and improved" My Health patient portal, which they call "My Health+".

Patients can (allegedly) access their My Health+ account via a smartphone app or via a website if using laptop or desktop.

Let's look at the website version, although the identical problem exists for the smartphone app.

If you click on one of the many links for My Health+ (on search engine results pages or on the website), you are taken to a web page that looks promising (see image immediately below).

My Health Plus on the web

One problem with this web page is that at first glance it seems that the only way to access My Health+ is via a smartphone app.

But to the right of the App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android) icons (buttons), you will see a button (link) to visit My Health+ "On the Web".

Clicking on that button/link, takes you to a "Welcome to My Health+" web page (image below).

My Health+ landing page

Assuming you have already registered for My Health+, you click "Sign in" and on the next two screens, enter your Username and then your Password. 

If you successfully complete the my health online sign in, you arrive at a web page with a rather odd message.

"We Need to Link Your Accounts"

"We need to link your accounts"

The small print (in the image above) says, "On the next screen, log in using your My Health username and password to access your medical records."

After you click on "Continue", you must complete the My Health online sign in again, only to discover, that your accounts cannot be linked because:

"Intermountain Healthcare Inc does not have medical records available for this user." 

Intermountain Healthcare does have medical records for patients who see this message.

Thus, it is a mystery why the message below is shown to so many Intermountain Healthcare patients with existing records.

But You Can Contact Support!

In the message above you'll notice, "For assistance, contact support."

Unfortunately, none of that text is hyperlinked to a support page, so you have to search the Intermountain Healthcare website to find the website support phone number. 

The technical support number can eventually be found on other web pages, like the image below, which is from the FAQ page.

If You Want to Wait On Hold for 2 Hours ...

Unfortunately, if you call the technical support number, you will receive a message saying, "Wait times may exceed 2 hours."

My Health Legacy Website

Since no one wants to wait on hold for two hours, the best solution is to go to the "legacy" My Health website at:

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